What You Need to Add to Your Security System

Building a top-notch security system isn't just about gaining peace of mind. It's also an excellent way to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe. Whether you're new to home security or you just feel as though your system needs a bit of an upgrade, here's what to consider adding to yours.

Door Bell Cameras

Doorbell cameras have two functions: they act as a doorbell and a camera. If you want to stay secure while you're at home, you can look at the camera's feed to see who is ringing the bell and decide whether you want to answer. This gives you an opportunity to keep cold callers and scammers at bay. A lot of doorbell cameras also feature motion detectors that will send a notification to your phone when someone is at your door. Some also record in the same way that a CCTV camera does, making them an excellent deterrent to criminals.

Window Motion Detectors

Window alarm sensors and motion detectors alert you when someone opens a window. While you may not want them on every window, using them on the ground floor or near balconies means an alarm is triggered when someone opens the window unexpectedly. As a result, thieves who are deterred by your doorbell camera but try to gain access through other entryways will be detected.

Water Sensors

Good home security systems don't just tackle thieves. They also keep your property safe against the elements. Water sensors are particularly useful, as they allow you to detect leaks and damaged pipes before other physical signs begin to show. This then gives you a chance to call in a plumber who can address the issue before it grows. If you're dealing with a particularly nasty leak, this could mean you maintain your property's infrastructure. 

Smart Door Locks

Smart door locks allow you to enter and exit your home without a key. You can grant access to people's phones, which means the door unlocks automatically when it detects a registered smartphone. Or, you can administer codes for individuals to use. Access can be revoked at any time, which is much easier than trying to retrieve a key from someone who you no longer want to access your property. Such locks are especially handy when you have short-term tenants, house sitters, or pet sitters who move on elsewhere.

When you know exactly what you want from your home security system, creating one that meets your needs will become easier. Because of this, you may want to discuss your requirements with a professional to yield the best results.