Security for Lodges, Hotels and Other Places for Travellers


Home Security Systems That Aren’t Just Security Systems

Security systems now have more than one purpose. The original purpose for security systems was to strictly keep the bad guys away. Technology has incredibly succeeded since the security systems were first brought to the public eye. Smartphones play a big part in the advancement of security systems nowadays. Below is a list of 4 […]

The Practical Reasons Security Officers Wear What They Do

Whether in the movies or in real life, most people associate security personnel with typical silver badge, dark clothing, a utility belt and a flashlight. But aside from simply looking the part, there are many important practical reasons why security guards wear the uniform they do. From the colours of the clothing to the design […]

How to Reinforce Security in Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the easiest routes of entry for burglars and robbers. Whether in a commercial building, residential apartment, hotels and business, it is crucial to invest in door security systems in order to reduce the risk of forced entry by lawbreakers. There are various ways to make doors and windows more secure and […]