Factors Affecting the Cost of Hiring Security Guards

Keeping expenses low is a crucial part of running a successful business. However, you cannot compromise in some areas, and security is one. The cost implication of ignoring security can be relatively high; therefore, business owners should hire security personnel to keep their premises, workers, clients and assets safe. Here are a few factors affecting the cost of hiring security guards.

Armed or Unarmed Guards

Typically, security guards provide a level of safety by their mere presence. However, there is no doubt that armed security guards provide a stronger deterrent than unarmed guards, and for a good reason. Burglars and rowdy customers will think twice before stealing or causing havoc in the presence of armed guards. They understand that an armed security guard is well trained to handle a firearm and will not hesitate to use it when necessary. However, it is quite different from an unarmed guard who can easily be overwhelmed by a small group of intruders. Hiring an armed security guard costs more than unarmed personnel due to training requirements and related liabilities. It might explain why armed guards are only necessary for businesses that deal with valuable commodities, such as jewellery and precious stones.    

Nature of Protection

Security guards provide various types of protective services. For instance, bodyguards are security personnel that offer executive-level security to VIPs. Emergency response guards are often called in urgent situations experiencing capacity constraints. Besides, some security personnel guard the entrances to business premises and industrial facilities. Although all guards have one objective— to provide safety—the nature of protection and cost implication vary significantly. For example, hiring an executive bodyguard for a CEO will cost a company more than engaging an entrance management guard. Emergency response guards also charge a premium compared to security surveillance personnel.

Number of Guards Needed

The number of guards you need also determines the overall cost. More guards translate to a high cost and vice versa. However, just because you have a large facility or property does not mean that you need many guards. It is easy to believe that a 100,000 sqm warehouse needs more guards than a 50,000 sqm facility. Nonetheless, various factors come into play when deciding the number of guards required. For example, if the 100,000 sqm warehouse has one entrance and barricaded windows, a single armed guard might be able to suffice.

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