Home Security Systems That Aren't Just Security Systems

Security systems now have more than one purpose. The original purpose for security systems was to strictly keep the bad guys away. Technology has incredibly succeeded since the security systems were first brought to the public eye. Smartphones play a big part in the advancement of security systems nowadays. Below is a list of 4 helpful features performed by security systems today. 

Shut Off the Lights for You

It is hard to remember to shut off every light in the house before leaving home. Newer security systems now have the capability of knowing when someone is in the house or not. This feature allows homeowners to shut off the air conditioner, lights and heating system with the touch of a button. Security systems controlled by smartphones will save you larger amounts of money every year on your electric bill.

Cheaper Rates for Homeowners Insurance

Insurance companies appreciate homeowners that take pride in keeping their home as safe as possible. Installing a security system shows insurance companies that you will do everything you can to keep you and your loved ones safe. There are several different types of security systems that have smoke detectors installed in them as well. Additional home protection will almost always provide you with a cheaper insurance premium. 

Peace of Mind for Parents

Newer security systems have been created to help parents get the peace of mind that they deserve. There are several features on security systems that will benefit children and their parents. One common feature will send parents a picture of what their children are doing when the parents are not home. The parents of children who ride the school bus home can benefit from this feature because they can monitor what their children are doing from afar. 

Another popular feature provided by security systems nowadays involves giving each person in the home a different security pin. When the security pin is entered into the system, it alerts the parents that the child is now home. Some security systems can also monitor when the television or the computer is turned on. 

No Need for Keys

It isn't uncommon to forget to lock the door. Hiding a key under the front doormat isn't the safest thing to do. Everyone deserves to enjoy the peace of mind that their home is locked and safe when they are away. Home security systems now have the ability to lock doors for you with the touch of a button from any smartphone.