A Stay-Safe Strategy if You're Feeling Uneasy in a Growing Crowd

When a group of people form together to make a crowd, others naturally want to see what everyone else is looking at. Sometimes, it can be a street performer, or a gathering to see someone famous. Some crowds can build up quickly as word spreads, so if you find yourself in a crowd that is beginning to make you feel uncomfortable, read on to learn a stay safe strategy.

Work Your Way to the Perimeter

When you start to feel uncomfortable, the first thing to do is to sight the outer edge of the crowd. From here, you can still see what is going on, but if the mood of the crowd turns, and becomes more aggressive, you can make a quick exit. Start to work and move your way to the perimeter of the crowd, and you will be amongst the first to leave should a problem develop.

Protect Your Valuables

Take a few moments just before you start to move to the outer edge of the crowd to secure your valuables. If you happen to have a backpack on, turn it around so it sits on your chest in front of you. If you just have a wallet or purse, move them discreetly into your front pockets. Crowds are very tempting for some people to pickpocket off others, so be vigilant as you move past people on the way to the perimeter.

Stay Near an Exit

From the outer edge of the crowd, you should be able to visually locate an exit. This is your way out in case you need to make a quick escape. If you are not close to an exit, work your way towards it. Then, stay close to the exit, and make sure you are aware of any stairs or other barriers that are in place once you pass through the exit.

Monitor the Crowd

With social networking, people can join their friends at an event, and this means that in a very short space of time, the crowd can grow significantly. Make sure you remain vigilant and keep an eye on the crowd and its size. Don't get caught up in watching the event, then turn around to see that the size of the crowd has tripled, and that you are blocked off from your exit.

Many people find that being part of a large crowd is uncomfortable and undesirable, and using this strategy will help you to manage the situation positively. For more tips on staying safe at public events, contact resources like Backup Security Services.