How to Reinforce Security in Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are the easiest routes of entry for burglars and robbers. Whether in a commercial building, residential apartment, hotels and business, it is crucial to invest in door security systems in order to reduce the risk of forced entry by lawbreakers. There are various ways to make doors and windows more secure and they include:

Peepholes, Door Windows and Door Chains

These are just some of the devices you can install to allow you to screen visitor before allowing them inside your home. These features can give you enough reaction time to decide whether to allow the individual into the house or to call for help. You can also install security cameras above your door-frame to allow to you screen the visitor.

Door Construction

The sturdiness of the door determines how secure it is. Doors built with solid hardwood, metal or reinforced wood and metal are very sturdy and difficult to break down. Doors that are easy broken into include plywood and composite material. They are more suitable used as closed doors and bathroom doors. Burglars may even be discouraged simply by the sturdy appearance of the door.

Strike Reinforcers

Kicking down doors is one of the ways that robbers and burglars use to gain entry into a home or business. The strike plate is the part of the door that secures the lock to the frame of the door making it a weak point that is easily broken with a heavy force. A strike reinforce is a thicker and longer version of the strike plate that makes it more difficult to kick in the door.


There are various types of locks available today. These include the keyless variety that allows access using special cards and biometric information like fingerprints. Nowadays almost anyone can pick a key-lock.  This is why you should look into alternative ways of locking your doors. You can use deadbolt locks on doors and windows. You can also use keyless locking systems that only allow access to the individual with the correct password or finger print match. Heavy-duty locks greatly reduce the chances of break-ins.


If you would like to upgrade the security of your home or business without having to pay for new doors and windows, you can also upgrade what you currently own. You can install recessed hinges that makes the door more difficult to open. You can also install security screen door to use together with your current door. For more information, contact Bonds Security Products