3 Security Door Enhancements You Should Consider

You can improve the beauty and functionality of your security doors by selecting some of the enhancements and options that are offered by security door manufacturers. Below are some of the available enhancements that you can consider.

Double door systems

It is possible to buy security doors that have double door systems. One of the doors is considered the primary door while the other is regarded as the secondary door. The primary door usually has the main locking mechanism of the security door system. The secondary door can be locked using a foot-bolt and a locking head. The secondary door can only be opened from inside the house while the primary door can be opened from inside or outside the house. A double door system is useful when you want to reduce the energy that is lost when the door is opened. Opening the primary door alone reduces how much heat can escape into or out of your home.

Magazine and mail slots

You can also ask the manufacturer of your security door to include slots for your mail or magazines. These slots may or may not have covers. Covers are ideal in case you frequently receive important mail that may be compromised when they remain visible. You can stipulate where you want these slots to be located on the security door. You can then be sure that your magazines and mail will not be damaged by the elements while you are away.

Specialty locks

The stock locks that come with your security door may not suit your requirements. You can opt for custom locks so that the door hardware meets your security and aesthetic requirements. For instance, you can ask for chrome-plated locks in case you want the security door to have hardware that matches with the current doors at your home. You can also opt for a lock that offers better security features, such as a greater blast or forced entry resistance. The supplier of the security door can guide you through the available locks.

Security doors now come with more standard features and options than were available in the earlier models. It may, therefore, be crucial for you to contact several suppliers so that you can explore the range of products that are currently available in the market. You can then use the information that you have gathered to select the most useful features or options that will address your needs.