The Practical Reasons Security Officers Wear What They Do

Whether in the movies or in real life, most people associate security personnel with typical silver badge, dark clothing, a utility belt and a flashlight. But aside from simply looking the part, there are many important practical reasons why security guards wear the uniform they do. From the colours of the clothing to the design of the belt and boots, here's how what a security officer wears helps them to perform their job.

Uniform Colours

Contrary to popular belief, not all security guards wear black or dark clothing. While being inconspicuous is important for many night surveillance operations, many security guard companies ensure their officers wear high-visibility clothing, such as in the case of festivals and crowd control duties. This is important so people who need their assistance can easily identify security personnel, especially at outdoor events where there may be low light. In loss prevention roles, security personnel may wear plain clothes so they can appear to be a regular customer, helping to stay undetected while monitoring the activities of others.

For security personnel who are part of the travelling group of politicians, celebrities or public figures, clothing is typically more professional and discreet. A typical dress code that would be more corporate would include a blazer and tie, allowing them to keep VIPs safe, but also allowing them to blend in with the rest of the entourage. 

Utility Belts for Security Officers

Security guards carry a lot of equipment and much of it is heavy like the all-important flashlight that doubles as a baton for striking. From an ergonomic perspective, tool belts are the best way to balance a significant amount of weight around the body's mid section and evenly distribute the weight around the waistline. Wearing a utility belt also means officers have ease of access to equipment when they need it quickly, avoiding precious time lost fumbling for the right tool.

Footwear for Security Officers

The right footwear is essential for many jobs, but for security guards who may be on their feet for hours at a time, quality boots are essential for support and comfort. Because footwear is so important, many companies may even supply their guards with sturdy but lightweight footwear. The right footwear is also important to assist guards who may need to move quickly if there is a security breach.

Body Armour for Security Officers

Not all security guards will need protective body armour, but for those with the training to work in riot or combat situations, protective body armour is essential to maintain safety. Equipment including bullet proof vests, helmets and even shields also work to intimidate would-be offenders, provide a strong visual  deterrent against trespassing or lawlessness.

Uniforms Command Authority

There is a final reason why the majority security personnel wear classic uniforms. Studies have shown that the power of official uniforms, whether for paramedics, police or security officers sends a strong message of authority and for people to obey